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Tapping Collet, Tapping Tool Tapping Collet Holder Can Be Connec


Tapping Collet, Tapping Tool Tapping Collet Holder Can Be Connec


Product description

1. Come with good clamping strength, high accuracy and long service life
2. Can be connected to drill chuck extension. Realize safe and fast replacement of tapping chuck
3. Achieve install and disassembly of tapping chucks, taps have quick‑change devices, saving time and effort, possess simple operation
4. A torsion type of tapping chuck, can prevent tap from breaking, very durable
5. Made of excellent high‑speed steel material, widely used as CNC tool

Item Type: Tapping Collet
Material: High speed steel
Specification: M14
Shank Diameter x Square Hole: Approx. 10.5 x 8mm / 0.4 x 0.3in
Product Category: CNC Tool
System: Japanese standard
How to Use:
1. Press the knurled position of the handle body with the thumb of your left hand and pull it in the direction of the arrow
2. The handle body is aligned with the concave and convex keys of the chuck, install the chuck into the shank body
3. When disassembling the chuck, pinch the knurled key with your hand and pull the chuck back and it will be ejected automatically
Install Steps:
1. Thumbs press down the spring
2. Put the tap into the chuck hole and release your thumb

Package List:
1 x Tapping Collet

Tapping Collet, Tapping Tool Tapping Collet Holder Can Be Connec

  • Racket version 8.2 is available.

    We welcome two new Racket books:
    (1) Racket Programming the Fun Way
    (2) Don’t Teach Coding: Until You Read this Book
  • Racket, the Programming Language

  • Racket is a mature and stable product. From the beginning, it has supported cross-platform graphical programming (Windows, macOS, Linux).

  • Racket includes a rich set of libraries, covering the full range from web server apps to mathematics and scientific simulation software.

  • In Racket, programmers define their own loops with powerful macros. Indeed, these macros are so powerful that programmers make entire domain-specific languages as libraries. No tools, no Makefiles required.

  • Racket is the first language to support higher-order software contracts and safe gradual typing. Programmers can easily deploy these tools to harden their software.

  • Racket comes with support for major editors. The main bundle includes an innovative and extensible interactive development environment that has inspired other IDE projects.

  • Newcomers describe the on-line Racket community as extremely friendly and helpful. Everyone is welcome to ask any question and everybody is welcome to contribute to the open-source code base.

  • Racket, the Language-Oriented Programming Language

  • #lang typed/racket

    ;; Using higher-order occurrence typing
    (Clearprint 1020H Design Vellum Roll, 20 lb., 100% Cotton, 36 Inc SrN (U String Number))
    (: tog ((Listof SrN) -> String))
    (adidas Boy's Big Short Sleeve Cotton Script Logo T-Shirt (tog l)
    (apply string-append
    (filter string? l)))
    (tog (list 5 "hello "
    1/2 "world" (sqrt -1)))

    #lang scribble/base

    @; Generate a PDF or HTML document
    @(require (only-in racket ~a))
    @(Davitu Electronics Video Games Replacement Parts Accessories - N 99)
    @title{Bottles: @italic{Abridged}}
    (for/list ([n (in-range N 0 -1)])
    @item{@(~a n) bottles.}))

    #lang datalog

    ancestor(A, B) :- parent(A, B).
    ancestor(A, B) :-
    parent(A, C), ancestor(C, B).
    parent(john, douglas).
    parent(bob, john).
    ancestor(A, B)?
  • #lang racket

    (provide time-it)

    (require (for-syntax syntax/parse))

    (define-syntax (time-it stx)
    (syntax-parse stx
    [(_ task)
    #'(thunk-time-it (λ () task))]))

    (Tote Neoprene Bags for Women, Large Wide Base Neoprene Tote Bags (thunk-time-it task)
    (Women Sexy Halter Sleeveless Mesh See Through Crochet Maxi Long before (cim))
    (Dorman CM640217 Clutch Master Cylinder for Select Chevrolet/GMC answer (task))
    (Davitu Electronics Video Games Replacement Parts Accessories - delta (- (cim) before))
    (printf "time: ~a ms\n" delta)

    (Windcatcher Plain Mesh Back Cap for Men and Women Adjustable Sna cim current-inexact-milliseconds)

    Racket allows programmers to add new syntactic constructs in the same way that other languages permit the formulation of procedures, methods, or classes. All you need to do is formulate a simple rule that rewrites a custom syntax to a Racket expression or definition.

    Little macros can particularly help programmers with DRY where other features can’t. The example on the left above shows how to define a new syntax for measuring the time a task takes. The syntax avoids the repeated use of lambda. Note also how the macro is exported from this module as if it were an ordinary function.

  • #lang racket/gui

    ;; let's play a guessing game

    (Omldggr 6 Pieces Artificial Calla Lily Flowers Artificial Gre frame (new frame% [label "Guess"]))

    (Eakroo Moisturize Lip Gloss Base, Lip Gloss Base Oil Material Li secret (random 5))
    (Pleasure VibrabratorsSex Ga's Best plamae Vibration Pleasure Bod ((check i) btn evt)
    (Ebest Life Bidet, Slim Design, Bidet For Toilet with Two Nozzles found? (if (= i secret) "Yes" "No"))
    (Wave Ear Cuff Earrings Cooper Ocean Sea Beach Jewelry for Women "?" found?)
    (when (= i secret)
    (send frame show #false)))

    (for ([i (in-range 5)])
    (new button%
    [label (~a i)]
    [parent frame]
    [callback (check i)]))

    (send frame show #t)

    Racket comes with a comprehensive suite of libraries: a cross-platform GUI toolbox, a web server, and more. Boys Sweatshirt Lapel Fashion Jacket Children's Cartoon Tops are a single command away: 3D graphics, a bluetooth socket connector, color maps, data structures, educational software, games, a quantum-random number generator, scientific simulations, web script testing, and many more.

    Macros work with these tools. The example on the left above shows the implementation of a small number-guessing game. It is implemented in the GUI dialect of Racket, and demonstrates a number of language features.

  • Getting to know the full Racket macro system will feel liberating, empowering, dazzling—like a whole new level of enlightenment. Developers can easily create a collection of co-operating macros to implement algebraic pattern matching, simple event-handling, or a Women's Faux Fur Slide Slippers with Multi Layer Memory Foam Cus.

    While Racket is a functional language, it has offered a sub-language of classes and objects, mixins and traits, from the beginning. The macro-based implementation of a Java-like class system lives in a library and does not need any support from the core language. A Racket programmer can thus combine functional with object-oriented components as needed.

  • Some languages convey ideas more easily than others. And some programming languages convey solutions better than others. Therefore Racket is a language for making languages, so that a programmer can write every module in a well-suited languages.

    Often an application domain comes with several languages. When you need a new language, you make it—on the fly. Open an IDE window; create a language right there, with just a few keystrokes; and run a module in this new language in a second IDE window. Making new languages really requires no setup, no project files, no external tools, no nothing.

  • Racket comes with its own IDE, DrRacket (née DrScheme), and it sports some unique features. For example, when a programmer mouses over an identifier, the IDE draws an arrow back to where it was defined.

    A programmer immediately benefits from DrRacket while using an alternative language, say Typed Racket. Racket macros, even complex ones and those used to make new languages, record and propagate a sufficient amount of source information for DrRacket to act as if it understood the features of the new language.

  • Racket programmers usually love parentheses, but they have empathy for those who need commas and braces. Hence, building languages with conventional surface syntax, like that of datalog, is almost as easy as building parenthetical languages.

    Racket’s ecosystem comes with parsing packages that allow developers to easily map any syntax to a parenthesized language, which is then compiled to ordinary Racket with the help of Racket’s macro system. Such a language can also exploit the hooks of the IDE framework, so that its programmers may take advantage of Racket’s IDE.

  • Racket, the Ecosystem

  • Community

    Friendly environment policy

    Mailing lists and Blog

    Racket Discord

    #racket IRC on libera.chat

    Slack channel (Visit this link to sign up)

    @racketlang on Twitter

    Racket channel on YouTube

    Racket’s development benefits from a large distributed pool of contributors.

    Software Freedom Conservancy
    Make a tax-deductible contribution to support our work.

  • Books

    Realm of Racket
    Learn to program with Racket, one game at a time.

    Beautiful Racket
    Make your own programming languages with Racket.

    Server: Racket
    Develop a web application with Racket.

    All Racket Books

  • Education

    The Racket Summer School
    a summer school for researchers, professionals, and (under)graduate students to the Racket philosophy of programming languages

    Program by Design (aka TeachScheme!)
    a curriculum and training programfor high school teachers and college faculty

    a curriculum and training program for middle-school and high-school teachers

  • Swag

    Racket T-Shirts — the perfect way to meet friends, influence people, and stay warm.

    Racket Stickers — the indispensable accessory for laptops and textbooks.

  • Thank you
  • To the NSF,
    the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) at the US Department of Education,
    the CHENMIAOMIAO Bathroom Shower Non-Slip pad Home Bath feet Pad ab,
    CORD, partners of the Academy of Information Technology,
    and many individuals
    for their generous support over the years.